Innovation in the Market Assurance of New Programmes

i-MAP is an ongoing study investigating best practice in how UK Higher Education Institutions manage the strategic development of their academic portfolios of taught undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including launching new programmes and phasing out provision. The work was funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and is supported by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.


The i-MAP Project, first published in 2012, considered how universities develop their academic portfolios. Specifically it investigated whether universities might increase the number of new programmes that recruit a viable first cohort of students by adopting a more market-led approach.


The i-MAP Study, conducted in 2014/15, explored the impact of the original Project and also considered how universities mange the closure of academic provision.


A range of consultancy support is available to universities who wish to understand and implement the recommendations of the i-MAP Project and the i-MAP Study. For general enquries click below to email the i-MAP Director Paul Coyle




The launch of the i-MAP Study held in September 2015 was attended by representatives from 47 universities